Process Control Systems Ltd.






            In today's world of rapidly advancing technology it is reassuring to know that there is one process automation  specialist that still places customer service, quality and reliability above all else.


            We at Process Control Systems (PCS) are recognised throughout the European Community for our specialist expertise in process design, implementation and automation, founded in 1988, with the vision of covering skills from several process industries, having an impressive track record of experience in such diverse industries as…




We are able to provide a comprehensive range of services to all industries, handling projects of any size, from feasibility study through to the conceptual design.  From detailed engineering, procurement and installation, to commissioning and final hand-over, maintaining the flexibility to undertake individual sections of a project with the same level of professionalism as a complete turnkey project.



Our company and personnel are able to provide a full Consultancy, Project Management and Engineering Service, in the following fields:




















Pentagon: þ	Electrical
	Design of High Voltage System
	Specification of Equipment
	Protection Devices
	Motor Control & Distribution
	Power Factor Correction
	AC/DC Variable Drive Systems
	Design & Documentation on AutoCAD
	Site Installation & Supervision

,Pentagon: þ	Control & Instrumentation
	Total System Design
	Specification of Equipment
	Design & Documentation on AutoCAD 
	PLC Programming
	Site Installation & Supervision

,Pentagon: þ	Mechanical
	Feasibility Studies
	Equipment Technical Specifications
	Bulk Storage Handling
	Fibre Cleaning Systems
	Pumping Distribution Systems
	Effluent Treatment & Control
	System Design & Plant Layout
	Design & Documentation on AutoCAD
	Site Installation & Supervision
























R       Electrical



Within the electrical field we have completed several plant-wide distribution systems from the Local Electricity Authority supply, to plant switchgear and associated transformers, radiating to intermediate distribution/motor-control centres and final sub-circuits.  PCS have specified, designed and commissioned complete A.C. and D.C. variable speed and supervisory control equipment, for both large and small systems.


            We are currently responsible for installations both within the UK and Europe.




R       Control & Instrumentation


            We have experience of distributive and sequential systems by the following manufacturers:



Folded Corner: Intellution Fix32 SCADA
Folded Corner: Rosemount System 3
Folded Corner: Eurotherm Network 6000 Folded Corner: Honeywell TDC 3000 Folded Corner: Siemens S7 Series
Folded Corner: Allen Bradley PLC 5 Folded Corner: Siemens S5 Series Folded Corner: Allen Bradley PLC5/SLC
Folded Corner: Telemecanique 40 Folded Corner: Modicon 984 Series






















R       Mechanical


            With experienced mechanical project engineers forming an integral part of PCS; turnkey projects can be handled with a seamless interface between mechanical and E&I project requirement.  Process changes can be taken from flowsheet conception, to a fully commissioned installation.















R       Develop project programme.  In detail for initial project phase,   assigning tasks and

      timescales to be adhered to by engineering team.


R       Establish contacts and organise meetings with:

·        Equipment suppliers.

·        Equipment refurbishers

·        Shipping agents

·        Civil contractors

·        Engineering services.


R       Involvement / Preparation of contracts between Client and suppliers.


R       Site assessment and nominate:

·        Civil contractors.

·        Engineering services (where required).

·        Access and revise initial project budgets


R       Co-ordinate between project disciplines, contractors and liaise with   project

      co-ordinator during manufacture & construction phase.

·        Monitor progress planning, milestones and take corrective   action when required.

·        Maintain cost expenditure records and cash flow plan.

·        Ensure implementation and conformance with Health & Safety   Regulations.

·        Provide construction status reports to project co-ordinator.








R       Develop single line power distribution diagram for HV/LV networks.


R       Develop equipment-tagging system in conjunction with other engineering disciplines.


R       Produce AC/DC motor schedules for equipment. Establish maximum electrical demand for distribution network.

R       Produce fault level analysis.


R       Attend meetings with package equipment suppliers.

·        Specify electrical standards to be adopted

·        Agree on key electrical switchgear suppliers i.e. contactors,   relays, switch fuses, etc

·        Establish standards of documentation.

·        Establish extent / limits of engineering design, and links (interlocks) with associated process machinery.

·        Establish power supply requirements.



R       Produce detailed specifications for:

·        HV /LV switchgear.

·        Transformers.

·        Motor control centres

·        Electrical installation practices.








R       Assist in the production of the process flow diagram.


R       Develop equipment-tagging system for Input / Output devices.


R       Establish a plant-wide control philosophy.


R       Establish the type and nature of the operator interface i.e.  push-button / switches,

      local operators panels, Scada systems.


R       Production of an input /output database.


R       Establish standards for the supply of process sensors.


R       Access principal control systems suppliers and nominate general standards for the project.


R       Attend meetings with package equipment suppliers.

·        Ensure control systems to be supplied will integrate into overall   plant control systems.

·        Ensure standards meet with relative standards and specifications for the supply of process sensors and control equipment i.e. relays, converters, enclosures etc.

·        Established standards of documentation to be supplied.

·        Establish power supply requirements.



R       Produce detailed specifications for:

·        Process sensors.

·        Control cabinets.

·        Installation practices.











R       Be familiar with intended project, client and delivery dates.

·        Working with designer, construction, commissioning Project Team Members as well as suppliers.

·        Informing managers and contractors of site construction  progress or delays.

·        Competent with project management systems.

·        Be aware of construction company procurement systems.

·        Liaison with design staff with plant modification and contractual suppliers for materials.


R       The planning engineer to develop and control PM system and methodologies.

·        Use of Barchart Planning software to report site/construction  progress.

·        Define common standards to report progress.

·        Presentation of overall and detailed reports.

·        Analyse progress for the above for engineering and contract sub groups.

·        Set milestones for submission of documentation, drawings, material and acceptance tests.

·        Indicate to contractors where delays are incurred when resources are not met.

·        Produce work schedules and state of design - construction  targets or milestones.

·        Indicate payment, milestones for delivery - construction - acceptance testing - finish.

·        Recognise differences of contractor groups set up standard progress reporting.

·        Set up management reporting for materials and equipment supply.










R       Develop flowsheet in conjunction with client’s engineers.

R       Develop equipment-tagging system.

R       Produce detailed parts lists for equipment to be located.

R       Access nature and extent of equipment supplier's scope.

R       Attend meetings with proposed equipment suppliers, co-ordinate supply of detailed information.

R       Specifications of work to be undertaken and timescale for completion.

R       Develop preliminary layouts and elevations

R       Collate static and dynamic floor loadings and foundation details for   relocated equipment. This will form the basis of a detailed civil   specification for the project.











R       Conversant with proposed factory layout, equipment, operability,   material movement and storage to give insight into design requirement   and consideration to be incorporated within Civil’s package.


R       Establish contracts with and meet Project Managers.


·        Proposed Civil Contractors.

·        Review and prepare additional appendix to employer’s    requirements to meet local conditions, topography of site and   local/state regulations.

·        Assess construction programmes supplied with tenders to    ensure compatibility with general construction plan.

·        Develop a strategic material and    construction plan with Planning Engineer.

·        Assist in implementation of site safety plans, rules and    procedures.

·        Monitoring and advising contractors in areas of Health and    Safety.

·        Ensuring correct implementation of construction design,    material quantities to meet Client requirements and equipment   supplier requirements.

·        Maintain register and records of all civil contractors, sub    contractors, health and safety and declaration forms in line with   safety plan.


R       Provide to Project Manager construction status reports.

·        Notice of slippage on problem areas.

·        Provide work list and milestones to contractors.

·        Evaluated contractor variations and monitor approved variations   to ensure timely and cost effective works are produced.

·        Prepare with Client and Contractor representative, a 'punch list'   of items to be completed with priority and time scale before    each area is approved for taking over as per form.

·        Provide documentary evidence and report to Clients, Contract   Co-ordinator and Project Manager to support or disclaim extras   claims from Contractors.









R       Liase with Contractors to guide and assist with documentation,    standards and methods to ensure installation conforms to    construction standards.

R       Act as point of contact for Contractors to mediate where    interface problems occur.

R       Implementation of erection plan whilst liasing with Mechanical   Field Engineer and Project Managers.

R       Monitor risk assessment documents submitted, prior to submittal   to Project Manager.

R       Monitor, advise and train Contractors on matters of Health and   Safety.

R       Produce weekly progress report to Planner and Project    Manager to verify Contractor supplier information.








R       The role within the project team is one requiring multi task skills,   to complete the assignments.


·        Provide machinery and equipment specifications for the fitting   out of the maintenance workshop.

·        Co-ordinate installation of machinery into workshop building    which will support the project construction.


·        Assess skills of maintenance and temporary mechanical work   force supplied to the contract, providing training and guidance   where required.

·        Visiting with the Project Manager, local fabrication and    engineering companies to evaluate the compliance of    standards, procedures and skills required to carry out local    project works.

·        Inspection and Quality Assurance of contractors

·        Expediting of awarded contracts to ensure plan milestone dates   are met.

·        Provide point of contact in the field, between all mechanical    contractors, to mediate and assist with interface and installation   problems that may occur.

·        Ensure implementation of erection plan, whilst liasing with    Electrical Field Engineer.

·        Monitor and advise on risk assessment documents submitted,   prior to submittal to Project Manager.

·        Monitor, advise and train contractors on matters of health and   safety and ensure conformance with Health and Safety Plan    and Regulations.

·        Produce weekly progress report to Planner and Project    Manager to verify contractor supplied information.












R       Work closely with Project Manager to co-ordinate construction activities to maintain scheduled milestones.


R     Control and expedite shipping and transport programme to ensure deliveries meet construction schedule.

·        Monitor, assist and advise on all aspects of field works to resolve any problems arising.


·        Ensure directives, appointed contractors and field engineers carry out programmes of work without delay.


·        Monitor and implement overall compliance of safety plan.












R       Undertake feasibility and consultancy studies of digital and analogues systems.


R       Capability to perform calculations, design and procure both electrical and mechanical hardware.


R       Production of specifications, bills of materials, circuit diagrams and cable schedules.


R       Witness, testing and site acceptance trials of sub-contractor equipment.


R       On-site supervision of installation and commissioning. 


R       Training courses given in operation, maintenance and general state-of-the-art equipment.













R       Site based Engineer to overview and maintain standards and discipline of contractors.


R       Procurement of materials on behalf of client. 


R       Issuing of site instructions to maintain programme.












R       Specification of equipment. 


R       Production of data as follows:

·        P & Id's, Loop Diagrams

·        Data specification sheets

·        Plant Control Systems

·        PLC configuration

·        Pneumatic control.


R       General site supervision and co-ordination of suppliers and contractors.











R       Production of client’s graphics in the form of an overview, i.e. P & I or flowsheet type format. 


R       Engineering of general communication and interface units.











R       Specification of equipment.


R       Issuing of system description.


R       Co-ordination of information to form detailed ladder or statement type diagrams. 


R       Checking and approving of suppliers documentation for compatibility.










R       From basic information produce detailed drawings as follows:

·        P & I diagrams.

·        MCC and Control panel layouts.


R       Wiring diagrams.


R       Motor/starter and cable schedules.


R       Instrument hook-up diagrams and data sheets. 


R       Configuration and I/O lists. 


R       Location and general layout drawings.











R       Site based Engineer to overview and maintain standards and discipline of contractors. 


R       Procurement of materials on behalf of client. 


R       Issuing of site instructions to maintain programme.










R       From basic information produce detailed drawings as follows:

·        Piping and Equipment layouts.


·        Detail Piping Isometrics and B.O.M.


·        Detail drawings of Tanks, Vessels and Structures.


·        Equipment.


·        Valve and Pump schedules.



            The aforementioned disciplines are clearly defined, however, the flexibility of our company lends itself to an amount of overlap between disciplines, to cover the electrical and control content of projects.  This gives a broad base if desired.












Client :                 M- Real UK Paper –New Thames Mill

Main Supplier :  METSO(formerly VALMET)

Approx Value :   £2.5M



Project :


Major rebuild of the 2nd Dyer and press sections of a 5m wide, 1100 meters per minute paper machine producing 200,000 TPA of Printing & Writing paper from furnishes ranging from 100% Deink – 100% Virgin or a mixture of both.




Nominated by client for all project management services.  Supply of permanent site based project manager, extensive liaison and supervision of METSO engineers involved in the rebuild.


Supply of new machine benchboards incorporating a networked based Allen Bradley PLC system and MMI interface. PLC programming to functional design specification supplied by METSO.


Contacts:            Mr D. Mobbs          M-Real

                              Mr J. Makinen         METSO





Client :                   SCA Hygiene Products – Unifibres Mill, Prudhoe

Main Suppliers:   Voith, Maule, FMW, Sulzer, KWI

Approx Value :    £3M (£2M Turnkey Projects to PCS)



Project :


Quality upgrade of 180 ADMTD de-inking plant.  Installation of new process equipment, design and build of new DAF building.


¨      Sulzer MC pumping system installation.

¨      Maule screw press installation

¨      KWI dissolved air flotation system installation.


Complete replacement of motor control and electrical distribution.  Installation of intelligent MCC’s (Siemens Simocode).


Total plant control afforded by the installation of a new Scada/PLC based control system to manage approx. 150 motors, 100 PID control loops, 400 discrete I/O points. 


Installation of distributed I/O network using Profibus-DP.  Complete new electrical and control system cabling, extensive modifications to existing pipework.


All PLC and Scada system software written by PCS engineers according to a functional system description developed by PCS process engineers and SCA.


Replacement of plant lighting system to basement and operating floor levels.


Contacts :          Mr A Richards          SCA Production Manager 

                                 Mr M. Farrey             SCA Project Manager

                                Mr J. Smith               SCA Process Engineer

                                Mr P. Dinning           SCA Control & Instrument Engineer





Client :  Sonae (UK) Ltd

Principal Contractor : Alfred McAlpine Ltd

Approx Value : £75M


Project :


Construction of ‘cutting edge technology’ Particle Board Mill, from inception to handover to client.  This key manufacturing facility has bucked the recent trend of upgrading older Mills, in favor of this major investment milestone for the Knowsley area in Merseyside.  The plant is capable of processing virgin logs along with imported chip and recycled waste in varying measures.  The design uses the vast knowledge base that has been built up in house, within what is now acknowledged as the leading particle board manufacturer in the world.


Duties :


PCS’s involvement can only be described as truly multi disciplined.  As a follow up to previously completed successful Projects in Portugal and South Africa PCS were invited by the client to undertake all the pre engineering, and source a suitable site for manufacture.  During the construction phase PCS acted for and on behalf of Sonae (UK) as the client agent.


Upon completion PCS has provided the resource to establish a successful Project Department integrating seamlessly with the Mills production requirements.


During a recent construction Project worth £5m approx PCS acted as Project Manager, Health and Safety Coordinator, Principal Contractor and Planning Supervisor.  All statutory body approvals were sought and obtained including negotiations with Planning, Building Control, HSE, Environment Agency, Environmental Health and Fire Authorities.  PCS are currently obtaining Planning permission for further major Projects. 


All disciplines were undertaken and have reinforced PCS’s standing as a leading turnkey Management and Installation Contractor within the Particle Board, Pulp, Paper and Board sectors.


Contacts :            Mr R. Mitchell          Sonae Project Manager

                               Mr H. Earl                 Sonae Technical Director

                               Mr A. Esteves          Sonae European Director






Client : Abitibi Consolidated – Ellesmere Port

Main Supplier: Various Local engineering Companies

Approx Value : £1.2M



Project :


Machine guarding for PM1, PM2 & PM4 in accordance with Making Paper Safely (MPS) issued by PABIAC.  


Duties :


Based on in house discussions with papermakers and maintenance engineers, produce detailed engineering packages for machine NIP guards, fencing, access doors and tail feed systems.  All works compliance with relative BS and EN standards.  


Contacts :           Mr M. Bookbinder       Project Manager

                              Mr L Jackson              Papermaker






Client : Holmen Paper – Iggesund Paperboard


Approx Value : £56M


Project :


Quality and capacity upgrade of No 2 Pulpmill to 800 ADMTD. Installation, commissioning and start-up of the following equipment.


·        Chip handling, washing and screening systems

·        New 17mW refiner

·        Modifications to Reject Refiners

·         Screw presses (3), MC pumps and HC bleaching system (30%)

·        New Refined Mechanical Pulp(RMP) 3300M3 storage Silo

·        New associated chemical plant

·        Major rebuild of treated stock and water systems e.g. pumps, piping, controls.

·        Installation of  3 new Sunds JC02 Conflo refiners for BM2




Nominated by client to act as lead engineers during construction, commissioning and start-up phases of the project.  This role included extensive involvement with the main suppliers (Andritz) engineers.


Design responsibilities for areas outside Andritz scope of supply.  Total design of Electrical, Control & Instrumentation systems for the chemical plant.  Design of ‘Simocode’ based motor control centres from UK based suppliers.  Installation of new 11kV Vacuum switchgear, 11/433V 1.6 mVA Transformer.


Turnkey supply of control system and motor control centre for JC02 refiners. Installation of dual redundant fibre optic profibus network, S7-400 PLC and ET200 I/O system.  Modification of existing hardwired MCC’s to intelligent Simocode starters.  Installation of 3 – off 500kW 3.3kV DOL motor starters.


Nominated by client as main contact with site based Siemens engineering team.


Contacts:     Mr T. Jefferson         Mill Electrical Engineer  Holmen Paper

Mr S. Fleming            Project Manager Siemens Automation & Drives

Mr J. Grobalber         Andritz project manager

Mr M. Scherz             Andritz project manager

Mr H. Unger              Andritz Site Manager






Client : Abitibi Consolidated –Ellesmere Port

Main Supplier : Beloit Walmsley / Harland Simon

Approx Value : £27M


Project :


Wet end rebuild of No.2 Newsprint Machine. Comprising of a new stock approach system, vacuum system upgrade, consistency dilution headbox, and belbond former press section.




Provide multi-disciplined site based engineering team to support mill personnel to complete the wet end rebuild of No.1 machine and associated equipment additions and modification of existing plant. 


Provision of detailed engineering packages, electrical, mechanical, process, & civil content to complete location of new equipment within machine house, upgrade of paper machine drive system complete with associated 4 MVA distribution system.  Produce associated documentation and complete as build engineering manuals.   


Contacts:       Mr D. Barker        Engineering Manager

                        Mr M. Coughlin      Project Manager

                        Mr M. Kelly           C&I Engineer

                        Mr J. Harling          Electrical Engineer

                        Mr N. Herd             Project Engineer

                        Mr R. Heap            Beloit Walmsley

                        Mr T. Irwin              Harland Simon





Client : Charles Turner – Bolton, Lancs

Main Supplier : TOSCHI/SEEI

Approx Value : £5M


Project :  


Greenfield installation of new Cresent Former Tissue machine, rewinder, stock preparation and deink plant.


Duties :   


Acting on behalf of Charles Turner, responsible for the Project Management and associated Engineering services to enable the complete installation, commissioning and start-up of all equipment.


Installation of a Siemens S7-400 PLC based system with field located profibus I/O. Profibus interfacing to machine drive system.

Installation of new main transformer and supply of motor control centres and associated switchgear.


Contacts :           Mr N. Samuel       Managing Director

                              Mr T. Kelly            Mill Engineer

                               Mr P. Collins         Mill Production manager

                              Mr S. Zangolini    Toschi Project manager

                              Mr M. Marco         SEEI 






Client : Kimberley Clark (Formerly Scott Ltd) – Barrow Mill

Main Supplier : Krofta, Emerson (Fisher-Rosemount)

Approx Value : £6M


Project :  


Upgrade of existing deink plant process equipment and control system.  Installation of new HC pulper and bale feed conveyor.  Installation of new deink cells and screening systems.  Installation of Krofta DAF Clarifiers. Installation of new DCS control system for the complete deink plant i.e. existing and new equipment.




Turnkey project management and design service.  Production of all Electrical Control & Instrumentation documentation.


Installation of new 2 MVA main transformer. Modification of existing MCC’s to accept DCS I/O signals. Configuration of DCS system and graphics for group sequence start/stop of the deink plant including washout sequences.


Contacts:       Mr I. Parris       KC Project manager

                   Mr G.Pilling      KC Engineer

                   Mr J. Lacy        KC Engineer

                   Mr S.Jack         KC Instrument Engineer






Client : Kimberley Clark (Olayan – Kimberly- Bahrain)

Main Supplier : YUHAN/KIMBERLY

Approx Value : £25M


Project :  


Construction of Greenfield tissue mill


Duties :


Nominated by client for project management responsibilities relating to the

construction, commissioning and start-up. Team Leader ( Mr D. Rigby PCS),

responsible for the construction, testing, commissioning and start-up of the new

Primary, Secondary & Biological Effluent Treatment plant for the new production



Contacts:       Mr M. Ficus      Production Manager

                          Mr J. Carrol     Project Manager

                         Mr P. White      Electrical Engineer





Client : Renova Tissue Mill  - Portugal

Main Supplier : VOITH, SEW, ANDRITZ

Approx Value : £15M


Project :


Construction of Greenfield 90 BMDT/D integrated woodfree Deinking Plant for tissue and fine paper manufacture.


Duties :


Turnkey project responsible for the process design, specification, management, procurement, construction, commissioning and startup.

Installation and configuration of a plantwide Measurex Open DCS system with serial interface to siemens PLC systems.

Specification and procurement of ABB Motor Control Centres


Installation of new 33kV switchgear and transformer


Contacts:        Mr A. Jose Simao

                           Mr P. Tavares

                                 Mr J. Tavares







Client : Holmen Paper – Iggesund Paperboard

Main Supplier : Pilz UK, Castell

Approx Value : £150K


Project :


To design, supply and install category 3 electrical safety systems for the press sections of board machines BM1 and BM2 following improvement notices issued by the HSE.




Following HSE improvement notices regarding safe working practices on the press sections of both board machines a mechanical guarding system had been designed by others.     



                Contacts:         Mr T. Jefferson         Mill Electrical Engineer  Holmen Paper

                    Mr S. Fleming            Project Manager Siemens Automation & Drives







Client :  Bridgewater Paper Company Ltd

Managing Contractor : Fluor Daniel Ltd

Approx Value : £32M


Project :


Construction of De-Inking Plant NO.3.  This new facility for Bridgewater Paper was designed to supplement existing facilities such that Recycled Waste would account for 98% of total production.  The process conveyed loose waste from the existing facility across a new link structure where Kroftas are located and returned finished stock to any of the three Paper Machines that production required. 


A new two storey Production building utilising reinforced concrete at the lower levels and steel frame at the upper was constructed on a very tight footprint, Tie-ins to existing services can only be described as extensive and complex.  


Duties :


PCS provided the resource for all Contract Engineering and Project Management of various civil, structural and architectural packages.  Contracts that were let, engineered and administered included site prep, civil phases 1 & 2, structural, mechanical, tankage, overhead cranes, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation insulation and architectural.


The Project was deemed a total success with stock brightness and quality exceeding anything seen before at the Mill.  Completion was both on programme and within Budget.


Contacts :                   Mr D. Barker          BPCL Engineering Manager

                                     Mr M. Coughlin      BPCL Project Manager

                                     Mr N. Herd              Project Engineer








Folded Corner: Acting as the clients agent, undertake all pre-engineering works associated with construction of Particle Board Mill.  All disciplines were provided from Project Manager, H&S coordinator, Principal Contractor & Planning Supervisor, liaison with all statutory bodies, i.e. Planning, Building Control HSE, Environmental Agency & Fire Authorities.
Flowchart: Multidocument: Sonae UK
Folded Corner: Design & implementation of Category 3 safety control system to allow safe access to press sections of board machine BM1 & BM2.  The existing dual channel encoders of the machine drive system were monitored by Category 3 motion relays to detect both standstill speed to allow guard access to machine & inch speed monitoring to allow safe inching of the machine at a protected 15m/min max.  Full compliance with PABIAC directives for paper machine guarding control systems.
Flowchart: Multidocument: Iggesund Paperboard 
Folded Corner: Site Resident Engineer for bulk bleach transfer system.  
Scada Front end to DCS system engineer for graphics & configuration.  
Engineering works associated with 3.3kV UTM pulper system, Chemical dosing systems, 
PM3 Refiner project, Deink plant deflaker project. PM3 Dust extraction system. 
PM3 Krofta Installation.
Flowchart: Multidocument: Georgia Pacific
Folded Corner: Development & support of bespoke Instrument-ation & Controls for patent prototype road tanker material transfer system.
Provision of Project Management Services.
Flowchart: Multidocument: RMC Aggregates UK
Folded Corner: Project Management & co-ordination for Cowie site -Installation of site wide indicative dust monitoring system for SEPA compliance, Upgrade fire protection system & install new  900m3 fire tank, New fibre infeed system for Standardkessel No.1 boiler, MDF3 press hall extraction,  MDF crusher/recycle plant,  MDF3 waste transport system, Site wide CCTV installation, Surface water treatment plant, Chemical containment and storage facilities
Flowchart: Multidocument: Nexfor Ltd
Cowie, Stirling


Folded Corner: Site based Engineering Team liaising with Mill Personnel to complete machine guards for PM1 PM2 & PM4 to comply with PABIAC directive “Making Paper Safely”.
Flowchart: Multidocument: Bridgewater Paper Co
Ellesmere Port





Folded Corner: Total Electrical Distribution 11kV/415V  package & Electric/Control for Converting Line.  
Facial line and sincro line Acelli winder
Flowchart: Multidocument: Celsoft Tissue





Folded Corner: Engineering associated with the installation of Tissue machine including UTM pulper tissue flex.  Dust control system winder. 
Drum thickener project.
Flowchart: Multidocument: Celtech International






Folded Corner: Secondment to mill project team to provide technical support. 
Re-build of No.2 RMP Pulpmill to 800 T/D. 
Design and manufacturing drawings for process tanks & vessels.
Co-ordination and installation 3 stock prep refiners Millennium Project. 
Site co-ordination engineers for installation of new 17MW Refiner, Chipwashing, Screening & Bleaching plant.
Investigate Mill earthing system & sub-station inter-tripping.
Flowchart: Multidocument: Iggesund Paperboard














Folded Corner: Project Management of Electrical distribution for new tissue machine.
Flowchart: Multidocument: Charles Turner
Folded Corner: Process engineering quality upgrade No.1 280 T/D de ink plant (Newsprint).
Process and mechanical engineering technical support PM2 upgrade to 900M/Min (Newsprint).
Co-ordination & installation of PM2 DC Drive cooling system.
Co-ordination engineer controlling new stock approach system integration into existing plant area.
Installation of new transformers and DC drive room for PM2 rebuild
Installation of new power supply for PM1 & PM2.
Flowchart: Multidocument: Bridgewater Paper Co
Ellesmere Port





















Folded Corner: Relocation of existing particleboard preparation plant to overseas location.
Removal, refurbishment and relocation of melamine & veneer production lines and associated equipment to overseas location.
Feasibility study and pre engineering for new particleboard production plant. Overseas location.
Planning & authority approval for new particleboard production plant UK location.
Flowchart: Multidocument: SONAE Industries 













Flowchart: Multidocument: RMC Ltd.
Folded Corner: Installation of PLC/Scada system
Folded Corner: Installation of two high-speed packaging lines.  PLC/Scada/AC Drive 
Engineering Design & Software Configuration for Effluent Treatment Installation
Project Management & Engineering Design/Site Supervision for Bretting Line Installation.
Refiner Specific Energy Control
Engineering Upgrade for “C” fold line 
Electrical & Instrumentation Project Management of Deinking Plant Upgrade.
Engineering Design & software configuration for Deinking Plant Installation  
Bulk Water Storage System for De-inking Plant . 
Fibre reclamation system Krofta Flotation unit.
Delta Purge Air Saturation System on Primary and Secondary Krofta Plant
Flowchart: Multidocument: Kimberly-Clark Ltd.



















Flowchart: Multidocument: Fort James
Stubbins, Ramsbottom
Folded Corner: PM2 Upgrade DC Drive System DCS System Power Supply Upgrade New Steam System
Supervisory System Paper Machine





Flowchart: Multidocument: Somit S.A.
Folded Corner: Supply and Installation of Planned Maintenance System 
Total project all disciplines. Installation of new Chipboard plant.







Folded Corner: Supply & Installation of PLC control system and associated software for No.1 Black Liquor Effluent Treatment System.


Flowchart: Multidocument: Edward Hall Ltd.




Folded Corner: Feasibility study and pre engineering for new particle board plant
Flowchart: Multidocument: SONAE Industries 
United Kingdom






Folded Corner: Engineering services for investigations & production of P&I for Oxide Plant.
Flowchart: Multidocument: Hawker Ltd
Swinton, Manchester
Folded Corner: Supply & Installation of Hydrapulper PLC/Scada control system.
11kV Distribution System for winder/ rewinder power supplies.
Woodyard Upgrade.  PLC/Scada System H.V. Installation New Chipper and associated Equipment.
Upgrade of No.1 Machine
No.1 Machine D.C Drive Digital Drive Upgrade and Installation.








Flowchart: Multidocument: Iggesund Paperboard Workington, Cumbria












Flowchart: Multidocument: Pierpoint & Bryant Ltd. Warrington, Cheshire Folded Corner: Effluent Treatment System Krofta 
Flotation unit.




Flowchart: Multidocument: Sappi (UK) Ltd. Blackburn
Folded Corner: PM4 Steam System Uprate
PM4 DCS Replacement
Fibron Tail Feed System
Machine Rebuild Control and Instrumentation.
KLS Waste Upgrade.
Flowchart: Multidocument: St Regis Kemsley
Sittingbourne, Kent









Folded Corner: 20T Coater Reel Handling A.G.V. system & track.
2000m/min Prewinder, UTM Pulper & Building extension
Flowchart: Multidocument: UK Paper Ltd.
Sittingbourne, Kent






Flowchart: Multidocument: Guinness Brewing GB
Park Royal London
Folded Corner: C.I.P. System & Safe Chemical Handling






Flowchart: Multidocument: Robert McBride Ltd
Burnley, Lancashire
Folded Corner: Liquid Blending & Distribution System Feasibility Study






Flowchart: Multidocument: O'Kanes
Ballymena, N. Ireland
Folded Corner: High Voltage Electrical Distribution Upgrade






Flowchart: Multidocument: N.E.U. Engineering.
Folded Corner: Design of Controls for Dust Extraction System






Flowchart: Multidocument: Jowitts Ltd. 
Folded Corner: Design of Extraction System





Flowchart: Multidocument: Samsung
 South Korea
Folded Corner: Paper Conditioning System







Flowchart: Multidocument: Chemisolv Ltd. 
Folded Corner: PLC Control of Chemical Makedown Approach System






Folded Corner: Project Evaluation & Feasibility Study for Chipboard Plant
Project Management of Machine Rebuild Installation of Mixing and Blending System
Rebuild Installation of Mixing and 
Site electrical co-ordination PLC Control of T&G Plant
Flowchart: Multidocument: Spanboard Ltd.
Coleraine, N. Ireland











Folded Corner: Project Evaluation & Feasibility Study for Chipboard Plant. 
Project Management of Machine rebuild. Installation of mixing & blending system
Site electrical coo-ordination for PLC control of T&G plant.
Flowchart: Multidocument: Spanboard Ltd
Colerain. N.I









Folded Corner: No.1 Machine D.C Drive Digital Drive Upgrade and Installation.
Flowchart: Multidocument: Iggesund Paperboard
Workington, Cumbria







Flowchart: Multidocument: New Waterside P.M
Darwen Lancashire
Folded Corner: Stock preparation and Machine Approach System






Flowchart: Multidocument: Kruger Inc.. 
Pompei, Italy
Folded Corner: Tissue Mill – Design/site Supervision of New Machine







Flowchart: Multidocument: J. J. Makin . 
Flint, North Wales
Folded Corner: Disperger – High Voltage Electrical Distribution






Flowchart: Multidocument: Disley Paper Mill. 
Disley, Manchester
Folded Corner: Engineering services for Cleaner System







Flowchart: Multidocument: Celtech Ltd 
Folded Corner: Electrical & Instrument Mill Wide System
Folded Corner: Stock-Prep Upgrade Supervisory System
Flowchart: Multidocument: Dorest Board Mills. 
Witchampton, Dorset
Flowchart: Multidocument: Devon Valley Ind.
Hele, Devon
Folded Corner: Dryer & Coating Systems